Chiltern Greens plan Plastic Attack at Sainsbury's Taplow

2 January 2020

Plastic attack’ battle lines are being drawn! On Saturday, 18th January at 10.30am, Chiltern Greens will be joining a growing global army of shoppers protesting against single-use plastic in our supermarkets. They're gearing up to give back all throwaway, avoidable, single-use plastic to supermarkets. Plastic attacks have become a worldwide movement after they went viral on social media. Thousands of protestors have taken part so far around the world. They have been shared on social media and the news, sparking many copycat protests, and now a Global Plastic Attack Facebook group, which is acting as a hub to publicise events worldwide.


The idea is that shoppers wield the power of growing collective pressure on supermarkets to drive change, whilst publicising the continuing scale of the problem. The campaigners will stand at shop entrances and ask everyone who shops to buy their goods and then, en masse, rip off all the plastic that they believe is not necessary, collect it all up in trolleys, record the content and politely hand it back to the shops.

Saturday 18th January, 10.30am
Sainsburys Taplow, Lake End Rd, Taplow, SL6 0QH 
Find out more here email: to sign up. 

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