Dec 2019 General Election - Results Statement

18 December 2019

Chiltern Green Party candidates Alan Booth, Zoe Hatch and Peter Sims have all increased their Vote Share, with total votes across all three constituencies increasing by more than 50%. Alan in Chesham and Amersham  gained 5.5% and held his deposit. Zoe in Beaconsfield gained over two thousand votes moving up to 4th place. In Wycombe, despite strong competition from Wycombe Independents, Peter increased his vote share by over 20% finishing 4th out of 7.

Nationally there was a strong increase in support for the Green Party with over 850,000 people voting to prioritise climate change. (See here) Although Caroline Lucas significantly increased her majority; due to our broken voting system (see below) she remains the only Green MP. The absurdity of this is highlighted by the SNP getting 1.2M votes, only 30% more than the Green Party, but having 47 more seats!

All that said, the overall outcome of the election is troubling. Even though more of the electorate chose not to vote, than voted conservative, Boris Johnson has been has been given huge amount of political power, with the biggest conservative majority in the Commons since the 1980s under Margaret Thatcher. What is more worrying are the Conservative's intentions, or lack of intentions (Sky News); beyond hard Brexit they seem to suggest an undermining of the UK's already weak and out dated system of democracy (Independant).

With neither the Labour party or the Lib Dems clear where to go next, let alone in a position to provide strong opposition, it is the Green Party who can and must show clear leadership. We are in no doubt what needs to happen over the next decade, and which direction England needs to be going in. We will oppose any attempts to undermine our rights or our democracy, call out hypocrisy and speak truth to power over the inadequacy of Conservative Manifesto's response to the Climate Emergency. We must speak up for the young people and future generations which will bare the consequences of the decisions made in the next 5 years.


Electoral Reform Note

It is also worth noting that there was a significant increase in the number of spoiled ballots at this election, with many voters calling for electoral reform by ranking candidates, voting for multiple candidates, or writing "None of the Above" on there ballot paper. See:


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