Local Meetup - Sun 10th Nov 2-4pm - Why do councillors matter?

1 November 2019

We’re organising a Green Party meetup in Wycombe Museum between 2pm and 4pm on Sunday 10th November. This will be a relatively informal meetup to give an opportunity for local Party members to find out more about what being a Green Party councillor involves, but all are welcome to come and socialise. Are you able to join us?

Wycombe Museum CafeIn May 2020 we have the election for the new Buckinghamshire Unitary Authority. Chiltern Green Party stands a real chance of getting councillors elected and hopes to give as many people as possible the opportunity to vote green. This requires party members to stand as target and paper candidates. Come along on the 10th to find out more about what these involve, how being a local councillor can make a real difference to what happens locally, as well as socialising with other party members. 

The response to Climate Change and diminishing Biodiversity needs to be lead from the local level, so we must inform ourselves, get organised and elect Green Party Councillors to the new Unitary Authority. There are roles for everybody, regardless of experience level and time commitment in making this happen.

Cafe is family friendly and can provide lunch.


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