3 December 2018

Chiltern Green Party is determined to meet the needs of local residents head-on by raising the profile of Green Politics across our 3 constituencies of Beaconsfield, Chesham & Amersham and High Wycombe and ultimately to elect local Greens to make a real difference. In order to do that effectively, we need your help. Here are 2 quick and easy ways you can get involved:

Join our WhatsApp media action group:
As we ramp up our activity we anticipate lots more local media appearances. When we’re invited on the radio, we need listeners at home to text in their questions, call the show, give support and challenge the opposition. By joining our group we can let you know when the action is happening: If you’re free you can tune in and support us!
Join the WhatsApp Group by clicking here

Sign up as a ‘non-target’ Candidate
With the new Unitary Authority on the horizon, we need to measure the Green Vote under this new system. We’d love to have as many non-target or paper candidates as possible for the forthcoming local elections. This really helps us measure Green Party support in different areas and tells us where we can build a targeted campaign. Standing as a Green Party Candidate is a very simple and quite enlightening process. As a bare minimum, you just need to fill in a form. It’s how I first got properly involved in the party in 2015. Drop me a line if you’re interested at elections@chiltern.greenparty.org.uk and someone will be in touch to talk you through the process.

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