Chiltern Greens launch campaign for Election Deposits

8 May 2017

The Green Party believes in genuine democracy. We want to take power back from career politicians who are in the pockets of lobbyists and put it in the hands of ordinary citizens who believe in democracy and sustainability for the common good.

To stand 3 candidates in our 3 constituencies we need to raise a £500 deposit for each one. Unlike other mainstream parties, we do not get corporate donations so we rely on you - ordinary people - to help us make a change.

Our three candidates are:

Russell Secker, standing in Beaconsfield constituency

Alan Booth, standing in Chesham & Amersham constituency

Peter Sims, standing in Wycombe constituency.

They would use their vote in parliament for you, to:

  • Fight creeping NHS privatisation.
  • Promote renewable energy and environmental sustainability.
  • Protect and safeguard human rights.
  • Invest in sustainable and genuinely affordable housing.
  • Block needless and expensive vanity projects such as HS2.

If our message resonates with you, please help donate toward our campaign and #VoteGreen2017.

Even small donations are always gratefully received, every little helps us to promote our message for the common good.

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