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Did you know that in a recent yougov poll, Greens were seen as the most liked party?

Time and again, we hear of people who agree with our policies but don’t feel they can vote for what they believe in because our voting system supports the two major parties. In our local government we see domination from the Conservatives, even though they often receive little more than a third of the votes. 

This is not representation, this is not democracy. A system that prevents healthy discourse,  opposition and accountability can become despotic, as we’ve seen in central government in recent years. The situation is at breaking point and, with so many feeling disenfranchised, it has got to stop.

The new unitary authority in Bucks provides us with a perfect opportunity to push for PR, as has been adopted in Scotland, Wales and the London Assembly. Will you join us in calling for a better system of representation? Please email info@chiltern.greenparty.org.uk to join working group (members & supporters welcome). We need people to help with:

  • Drafting Open letter
  • Email there MP
  • Getting Local Councilor on board.
  • Orgnaising stalls
  • Joining working group meetings to plan campaign 




Collage of Bucks Councils

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