Unitary Authority Election - 7th May 2020

On the 1st of April 2020 the following council will be merging to form a new Buckinghamshire Unitary Authorty:

  • Buckinghamshire County Council
  • Wycombe District Council
  • South Bucks District Council
  • Chiltern District Council
  • Aylsbury Vale District Council

(See Buckinghamshire County Council Website)

On the 7th of May 2020 the election of the first set of Councillors to this new Unitary Authority will take place. This will be 3 councillors per ward making 147 Councillor in total. These new 'wards' will be the same as current 'County Divisions' meaning effectively we will be voting on 3 councillors for every ward we elected one councillor to in May 2017. You can fine your Division by selection 'Electoral_Division_Boundaries' on this map:

Map of Electoral Division for Bucks County Council

These elections are a big opportunity for Chiltern Green Party, as we stand a real change of getting Green Councillors elected. This would allow use to push for New authority to make it's first act declaring a Climate Emergency, with 2030 target, and the ambitious measures needed for that not to just be tokenism.

Chiltern Green Party will be putting up Green canddiates for southern half of Buckinghamshire whilst our sister party, Aylesbury Vale Green Party will be putting up candidates in the northern half of Buckinghamshire.

Will will be announcing our candidates in due course - Watch this space.


  • This newly elected councilors will be repersenting us for 5 years up until 2025 rather than just the normal 4 years!
  • Election timetable can be downloaded from Electoral Commission website here and is as follows:
    • Nomination Deadline - 4pm 8th April
    • Registering to Vote deadline - 21st April
    • Polling day - 7th May - 7am till 10pm


 BUCKS UA May 2020 ELECTION Banner


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